What does this actually mean?  This means the Magnolia Aquatic Club is recognized as one of the top clubs in the country based on organizational professionalism and athletic performance. 

To qualify for this award, MAC had to submit an extensive report to United States Swimming, documenting club professionalism as well as both national and world-class performance.

Gold Medal Club:
Silver Medal Club:
Bronze Medal Club:
  •  2012
  • 2022
  • 2023 

The program recognizes USA Swimming’s highest-performing clubs in the development of athletes ages 18 years and younger on an annual basis. In a new addition, eligible athlete performances include both pool and open water swims.  

Eligible athlete pool performances were achieved between September 1, through August 31. Open water eligible performances were taken from the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer at the 2021 USA Swimming Open Water National Championships as well as the 5 km and 7.5 km at the USA Swimming Open Water Junior National Championships.  

In another addition from last year, Olympic achievements were highlighted. USA Swimming member clubs with an Olympic Games-qualifying athlete automatically qualified for Gold status (subject to meeting the minimum eligibility requirements).  

Now in its 22nd year, this program recognizes USA Swimming member clubs for their commitment to athlete performance and excellence. The primary objectives of the program are to recognize and promote:  

  • The development of strong, well-rounded age group and senior swimming programs that produce elite 18 & under athletes;  

  • Resources to motivate and assist USA Swimming member clubs to achieve the highest athlete performance ideals;  

  • Grant funding; and  

  • The USA Swimming club development system is an integral part of achieving excellence in the sport.  

USA Swimming member clubs earn points based on athlete performance scores. Each team’s ranking score is based on the FINA Points Table, a power-point rating system that assigns point values to individual swimming performances based on the Gold, Silver, or Bronze time standard. All program requirements, including time standards, can be viewed here